January 15, 2011

Major Orgasmic Brain Massage

As I write this I am still feeling some brain pains.

7am tried to fall asleep again. I felt sexual energy taking over and found myself consciously moved to do the mula bandha - felt a little rattle at the base of spine and knew something was about to take place. I heard a electro button sound going 'deeeet' then another single tone.

I turn my head to the right side because for some unknown reason I can't keep my head rested on the pillow aligned with the body. On the wall I see a bearded young man, almost looks like Jesus.

Close eyes and his face is still there. Forehead gets really magnetic - brain feels like it is being pulled up and massaged - the intensity of this brain orgasm is unbearable - I know not to fight it, feels important - so I give in and remain still. My head rocks a little, nodding and shaking a little left and right.

I get a few dream visuals where the forming entities surrounding me are eating me or doing something I can't seem to describe. Got up at around 9am.

My head still hurts a lot, I feel the pain deep in the brain. Not sure if I should attribute the pain to menses or the brain activity.

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