January 6, 2011

Change Is Good News

I have been very aware of global news lately, mostly what has caught my attention is the drastic changes in weather, occurrence of earthquakes and floods. It seems the Earth is peaking in its detoxification.

I think many will take on the apocalyptic view of these changes especially after the recent news of mass animal deaths - which does paint a very end of the world kind of scene. This will be the view of those who are resistant to the changes - they will carry with them in these changes a lot of fear and this fear energy will be their fuel and reflect in their individual world. Then there is another view - one that is synonymous to the purpose of the Kundalini energy in the physical human body. I do prefer the latter view but it is not a simple matter of taste, for me it is fact as I see the energy working within me paving the way for a new birth I see the likeness of it on the Earth getting ready for renewal. I'm sure there are plenty of others going through K awakening who can feel that the earth also is going through a K awakening.

The cleansing is happening in all stages - levels that are hard to understand until we view it in its entirety.

Systems will be dying off - the biggest system that has tied down mankind to slavery is going to have its own death. We know this as the monetary system. I think this is one of the feelings that I've been getting which has de-motivated my business plans - any business plan is really money oriented and mine is no different. The economy is going bust and when that happens it is no longer about 'What do I want?' but more about 'What do I need?'. Most of the essential things that we need are free - air, water and mother nature's many gifts.

This brings me back to weather - what happens to the economy of a majorly developed country when it snows for days on end, or there is a major flood? The economy slows down, profit margins become alarmingly low, and many companies end up blaming the freak weather for it. What they don't see is the written word in the changes, they don't hear the voice in the elements - Earth and its many cells are being rewritten. The outcome will be poetry of unimaginable beauty and grace.

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