January 28, 2011

Dreams of Things to Come?

These dreams have reference to my life and felt so prophetic like warning signs. In one dream my cousin's husband who in reality has a very substantially large income bracket is suddenly made redundant - she is depressed and tells me how suddenly it feels like all hell has broken loose.

In another dream - there is a woman on the floor she is paralysed possibly having a heart attack I seek help and then the feeling that one of my brother is going to pass away soon washes over me and hear my eldest sister's cries.

Then there are other snippets of dreams about my favourite tv show 'Medium' where the characters are acting out various scenes - in the dream Joe Dubois starts to have visions and precognitive dreams about his family members.

Waking up I felt the dreams giving me a message of future points and I feel completely indifferent about it - especially after what has been revealed in my recent adventure with Salvia.

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