January 15, 2011

Dreams of Divine Light

I had dreams about being in a scene where I am observing - making out images within the scene and capture various snapshots until it disappears - then I'd look again - great divine beings - so gigantic. They are formed by illuminations of light - the lines are made from light. They are huge structures. I figure these rays must be from the sun. The rays illuminate these divine beings - I felt they were all around me - then I got the sense that I am on top, in and around them all at the same time. This was unlike 3D, a very different kind of dimensional viewing.

This dream felt like a lesson - a lesson in seeing the bigger picture? One thing I really understood from it is that this reality we percieve has so much depth, you could get to the deepest end and still there is a lot more to see. The deeper you look the greater you see. Woke at 6am making sense of this dream and I got this inner knowing that the Earth is a tiny speck of a vast expansive field - a tiny cell on a bigger body, I felt that the deeper you travel into this depth the slower time feels - like a day there would feel like what a millenia is here. Suddenly I felt like I knew why I came here.

- at 7am fell asleep and had a major orgasmic brain massage experience.

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