January 30, 2011


Went to bed at 8pm last night - tired, sleepy - I can feel urgent signal to get in bed.

Energies play inside - inner trembling - everything resembling K symptoms - also had major rapid heart palpitations.

As I relaxed deeply into sleep my consciousness expanded throughout the field of this material world and beyond. It is indescribable. I expanded - grown to a size where the entire Universe fits me like a glove - I am wearing it - and I found myself in everything. The worries and misery of this life dissolved in this expansion - it was lost in that vast field. Then I re-emerge, contracting shrinking consciousness fitting inside the physical body - my pillow is wet, aware of physical body, been drooling heavily and then again suddenly that same expansion, only a little larger and more vivid and then back to the body where my feet is burning and my body is lit with fever. I managed to fall asleep a few hours after the extreme heat.

Sleep interrupted every 2 hours and had many vivid dreams.

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