January 24, 2011

A Lesson In Creation

Since my last two experiences I can see how these entities have always been around - and to think that I'm a very private person when there is no such thing as privacy. We are never alone.

This entire fabric of reality is weaved with living life essence contained within every detail - excluding nothing. We the human are like the embroidered parts - our pattern is more complex and created after nature. Even before the Earth there were other patterns - the humans arrived a bit later no doubt after much thought. Everything animate - inanimate is a vehicle - a cubicle for each entity.

These entities are everywhere that I cannot even sleep without feeling their presence - even in my dreams I'm aware of them.

I also had an interesting dream this morning where some fear that I still hold is challenged - will write this up in next post.

This morning after I woke up from fear dream - I was being taught in my sleep state (where I also felt awake within this reality - could be some kind of simulation) how to mould and reconstruct reality - which simply means a destruction of some old structures. They are helping me to direct my thoughts into thinking of the creative result and then applying myself energetically through thoughts and restructuring which is in a sense replacing something. Now I know exactly what Krishnamurti meant to die to everything and how creation is destruction - creation destroys everything in its wake. But we humans understand destruction as an end to life, an end that is a loss. A destruction that is creation itself.

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