January 25, 2011

More Fear Dreams

This was one long fear dream with different flowing scenes.

1st Scene - Tentacle Strikes
I'm in some tin made hut - there are two creatures in the same room - part human but part of face looking like some very scary creature. Suddenly a tentacle breaks through the roof grabs one creature - then another breaks through door and grabs the other only this one has a mouth and chomps down creature - swallowing whole. Reminds me of Resident Evil game. I wonder if it's coming for me and have a thought - that the tentacle is some kind of immune system fighting off the bad bacteria of wherever I was. Maybe I'm the good bacteria? at least I hoped so.

2nd Scene - Without Consent
Walk into another room - the beds are all taken over and I have only a small space left on the floor to sleep on next to a man who appears to be in a deep sleep. I get under the covers when another man who looks a bit like the other creatures tries to grab me. I kick him and scream. Wake up man next to me so that he can tell the beast that I'm sleeping here - he wards off the creature. Try to get some sleep but the man next to me has become extremely touchy. I elbow him in his chest and kick him but he pays no heed so one last time I elbow him and move away. Irritated I walk down the stairs.

3rd Scene - The Spirit Friends
I've headed for the kitchen - this is supposed to be my home but it is completely different. On the kitchen window I see a spirit becoming more visible. Some big looking child - it is an image of a child but enlarged version. I walk to it and begin to speak. My mum is calling me - I panic hoping the spirit would leave as I'm afraid she'll see me with this spirit and interpret it to mean that I am in commune with Satan or possessed (my mum is highly religious). I hear a scream coming from the other room.

4th Scene - Dance with the Snake
I walk in to the living room - there I find my youngest sister frightened half to death staring at a very long black snake. I walk to the snake and tell her not to be afraid that the snake is my friend. The snake is curled up in the corner and looks more afraid of her. Out of the blue I say 'watch this' and start to dance. I hop on the left foot and then with the right leg raised I twirl my right feet singing the chorus from salam-e-ishq song and just dancing freely. Immediately the snake is under my right leg twirling - with this leg I twirl in all kinds of ways and the snake each time copies my move. At some point I recall the snake's head is either missing or invisible. After my dance ends the snake moves towards my sister seated on the sofa who still appears to be in shock. I tell her it's okay - this snake won't bite and tell her to just play with it. She makes an excuse that she's busy with something which I could tell by the tone of her voice that's a blatant lie masked with tremendous fear.

Light Body
Woke up from the fourth scene then back to sleep - presence of entities is getting stronger. I find myself in a completely unfamiliar state not sure if I'm awake or sleeping. I sense my arms are raised and to the left, the window part a being has emerged - basically it is not a window - the window is a mask underneath that mask is some kind of being or entity (not sure about the difference). Look at my left arm it's glowing - not physical or solid - formed by light. Look at right arm - it's the physical arm but there's another layer, another arm trying to separate, this other arm is also made of light but hasn't fully been removed from the physical. With effort I try to get out with the possibility of projecting - it was requiring major force or maybe I was just trying too hard. Could not get full control and the episode ended.

Have been feeling really sleepy lately - insomnia is no longer a problem. I can go to bed without having to wait for hours to fall asleep now only even when I'm sleeping I'm not really sleeping. There still is some activity and it is very likely that is making me feel exhausted in morning - unable to get out of bed, and needing more sleep.

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