January 26, 2011

Hair Raising Energy and Carpet Entities

Last night before sleep relaxed with immediate energy sensation pulling upwards from sole of feet. This energy seemed to remain mostly in the legs, it became so intense the energy made the hairs on my leg raise. Some kind of fusion where the energy wants to bleed through excess hair. It seemed to be all about the legs.

In the middle of sleep I was awoken - cannot really be sure if I was dreaming it - but the entities from the carpet moulded through their forms - I could see them without getting out of bed or lifting my head - another way of seeing? I think they want my attention on something, I feel they're trying to tell me how I can see them in motion instead of frozen but it requires something. I remember yesterday I made a statement asking how I could constantly see the changing motions of the energies that put this reality together.

I have been feeling so sleepy lately, don't know if it's simply physical exhaustion - haven't really been doing anything strenuous. Maybe a lack of nutrition, not sure but now I kind of miss the insomnia and that extra energy I had. I've read that these fluctuations of energy levels are common with Kundalini so it is more than likely to be related to the new changes.

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