January 18, 2011

Cartoon Projection and Light Faces

At 6am relaxed, looked to the right near door, there was a face emerging. At first felt like the room was spinning, could not sense that it was astral body. Then I realized it was the 360° vision - projected into a cartoon scene aimlessly flying around viewing everything. Flowers, plants, trees - a natural scenery in cartoon. Wondering why a cartoon, just play along. I am sinking down at the same time thinking I really hate it when this occurs. Look down as I free fall - things get blurry I shout out clarity and it becomes clear. Bart Simpson is just below me, I am perplexed with his presence. I get ready in superman posture and fly up with control - just passing by this wonderful 3D canvas brimming with colour - very interesting cartoon imagery.

Suddenly I hear this loud mechanical roaring sound - like something getting scraped. I sense it's coming from physical bedroom. Something's going on there and need to get back asap. This thought brings me back - I take a deep breath and as I open my eyes to the right side there's a luminous purple light filled with beings (faces and all) with eyes staring at me - they are formed by this light. I am a little startled - just got used to seeing beings in every day objects, nature and formed by shadow and light as flat images . This was a completely different level of seeing, not just full colour but emerging out in 3D form. Took in another deep breath and looked away - I was not prepared. The light eventually faded leaving behind imprints of faces which I was more comfortable with. I could see how these visuals could make a person feel like they are crazy, especially in a society where it is accepted as a sign of mental illness. I don't believe these are simply hallucinations - there's certainly a lot more to them.

Closed eyes fell asleep with several SP episodes - in one SP I recall feeling permanently immobilized in an awkward position. There was panic, lots of anxiety over the thought that I was going to be found in this position.

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