January 9, 2011

Extra Detoxing

Last year was all about getting healthy, shifting diet working out rather slowly but surely what fits in with me and I have made some very drastic shifts. I even made a 'New Years Resolution' brain storm which if I get the chance I'll scan and post - there is so much on the list, including things that I have already started.

This year whilst I'm still working out the diet, still needing to take bigger steps I think some detox is in order. There are so many detox, so much to choose from - I read about all the benefits and feel like doing them all one program at a time.

For the meantime what I am using are only the most simplest of methods. I am particularly drawn to ayurvedic treatments - right now I'm using oil pulling for detox and so far I have become incredibly sick from it which is apparently a 'healing crisis'. Crushing headache with intense pressures and incredibly phlegmy, also feeling sore throat coming on and oh yeah an extra bowel movement every day - not that you really wanted to know. Honestly after all the online testimonials of this very simple method I just knew it was something I needed to try out. Right now starting out with one oil pull per day but will gradually be practicing twice a day. As for the more beneficial results I will post them after a month or so. So far it's just so easy to do and I hardly notice I'm doing anything because for the 20mins that I do oil pull I keep myself busy with chores.

The jala neti is helping a lot, doing this every day until I feel the need to cut back.

Practicing 5 tibetans almost daily - sometimes I end up slacking.

Need to practice more of the Safeties - such as the recapitulation.

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