February 23, 2011

A Different Projection

Awoke at 1am flustered from sexual intensity, fell asleep and then startled awake at 3ish am. Eventually by 6am the miracle occured and I was falling asleep, did not expect a projection.

Very different than the usual projection - can't quite describe it, maybe there was this knowingness about it. Gliding through some hallway, above are round shapes - portals? I knew each represented something - towards end felt like I was being sucked in. Recall at some point going down a staircase only not walking, just in the air suspended and going down - free-flow.

Then a few scenes played out, two I recall was related to marriage. In one I feel a marriage is being arranged, in the second dream I'm in a video call with fiance introducing me to all his friends and family.

I know there was more but this is all I am able to recall at the moment.

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