February 2, 2011

Face of Fear

This morning I woke from this nightmare where once again my fears were challenged. In the dream I'm looking through a keyhole, inside the room is a bed or a chair on which a girl is seated. I get a clearer look at her face and parts a missing like falling of - near mouth area. I find this alarming, panic - it's so beyond zombie like horror.

I quickly run inside somewhere - shut door. There's a very unusual lock. It is a motor like device - I have to spin it so that the lock operates. I look at lock carefully while spinning - the inner lock part stretches and completely barricades door. Nothing can possibly be more secure than this lock.

Then I feel it, a presence coming. Banging on the door - somehow it opens. And instead of the deformed girl there's a dracula who looks more like a wannabe to me. He looks like he's wearing a halloween costume and not actual dracula. Despite his fake appearance I scream and try to run away as he raises his cloak and roars at me.

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