February 20, 2011

Morning Kisses

Kissed by the invisible - it occured 2 more times. The other day in the morning waking up from sleep my head moved spontaneously to the left, lifting up and lips puckered and then the sweetest, most darling kiss. There was this pure innocence about it, this one was playful and made me laugh.

This morning it occured again however with more tactile sensations. I could feel waking up, that presence very close, the duvet moved. My lips reaching out and then a sealed kiss, so sweet yet passionate. I kissed back holding on feeling like I was embraced, then fell asleep again and had many dreams.

The first dream I had was of me and a lover at the beach. He rushes and guides me to the ocean where there is an enormous wave forming. Resting his back on this wave I embrace him and feel the wave carrying us across the ocean.

There were more dreams - too many to write about. I had 2 more experiences with Salvia since last post but so many details, so many new feelings plus emotional releasing, I managed to write as much as I could about it in notebook. Then there are the other experiences that feel like a follow up to the Salvia experience - like how the larger beings / entities have bled through the physical environment in my waking state. Still making sense of it all.

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