February 10, 2011

Life Source

Yesterday afternoon napped - there was again that wild coursing energy that has no intention to leave. So aroused and unable to sleep at all I relieved myself and then drifted off, phew!

The energy intensified and I felt it inside touching all parts - maybe working on something but to me now they feel like carresses. I'm alarmed awake from lack of oxygen, there is a complete cessation of breath and I'm trying to suck in some air until I realize I cannot breathe. I can feel there are others - look to right side of bedroom and I see that there's an audience present. I read the expression of one person - he is saying 'She still thinks breathing keeps her alive'. He said it as though it was one of my biggest delusions. Still I'm struggling for some air and then I feel the energy throbbing inside and my blood is rushing with my heart pounding against my chest.

Last night had difficulty sleeping, woke at 2am from a very vivid situation where again there was an audience and they where whispering amongst each other - can't recall details. I could not sleep at all and there was that incredible sexual energy. Fidgeting about until at around 6am I wanted to just scream. Gave into the tension thinking it would tire me and I'd fall asleep. Interestingly I have discovered that when I do dissipate the energy, the process makes the energy flutter at the soles of my feet and rushes up legs following full legnth of spine. For a while now with an increase of this energy I've been feeling this pulsing wave rippling from head to toe, sometimes it spins in a twirl and feels like some energy field.

At 6:45am I was still awake just about giving up any hope for sleep when suddenly I drifted off and had the most amazingly crystal clear lucid dream unlike any other dreams.

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