February 3, 2011

Angry Dreams

Dreamt that a little kid was hitting me, this child was annoying me so much I got really seriously angry. The dream weaved into another scene, not sure about the meaning and I have a really fragmented recall - it involved my eldest sister and her bro-in-law's wife, some association with jealousy there between them.

So it looks like the dreams have moved up a scale - from fear to anger. I get awakened from these dreams now mostly after 4am around which time I notice in PR shadows and light flickering in surrounding atmosphere letting me know that I'm not alone.

Last night was quite intense as I lay in bed, eyes still open a shadow from left wall started to move closer trying to cover field of vision on left side. It wasn't too startling but when I tried to get a look at it immediately it'd shrink. There were also lots of lights flashing in lines and spots.


dtbaggins said...

it could be that you are experiencing a moment with your 'inner child' you could perhaps explore this a little further, for it sounds as if you are being asked to do so..

Jasmine said...

After reading your comment I thought about the dream and instantly understood what it meant. Inner child throwing a tantrum because it is forced to do something.

I know in reality I've made some really sticky choices and I'm not exactly pulling myself out of it at the moment - I feel inner child is reflecting, literally holing up a mirror and showing me suppressed feelings.

Thank you so much for the reminder

dtbaggins said...

indeed, But inner child can be more than just that, sometimes it is a call to heed that from your childhood, something for you to acknowledge..