February 5, 2011

Ecstatic Massage

Two hours after Wild Inner Child dream I drift off to sleep once more.

First I dream of a woman on youtube sharing an experience she has on reality folding around her - she is describing the experience live as it occurs. I'm so happy that she is having this experience - I know exactly what she is referring to. She gets up at some point and I see she is wearing a long black dress with 2 slits on each side revealing her legs.

Suddenly aware of being in bed in PR and my arms are raised up. I don't recall lifting them, put them down immediately feeling wrapped with another being inside controlling movement. I feel cold air, looking down I see the body is half naked.

I feel legs raising up - really feel that I'm about to levitate and I try to encourage this movement. It feels like I'm applying too much effort so I simply let go not applying my own agenda. I look to the right. There's a ghost form covered under bed sheets looking down at me. No panic just awareness. I look away and back again - it's still there. Arms are moving - legs bent now. My hands move down pressing on leg muscles - I'm being massaged, not with hands but ecstacy. I feel warm and complete - I don't want this to ever end but I'm groaning so much that eventually I'm going to get louder and my sister who decided to stay over last night in room adjacent to mine will hear me and so I asked this play of energy to slow down, there's a time for this - now was not it.

Had to shake it off - but found that I was flung out of bed sinking similar to in APs. I saw the ghostly form once more and reached out to it, need to get back to the body - if I leave it I know the process will continue. Back in bed silent and still with the aftertaste of ecstacy.

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