February 7, 2011

Sexual Energy and Earth Documentary

That play of sexual energy was present throughout yesterday - it was only when lying down in bed that it was highly sexual - out of bed I feel like I am in love, with who or what I don't know. I'm simply in love. Suddenly I would sigh and then relaxing the back of my neck near spine would tingle with ecstacy.

I napped at 2:45pm until 3:30pm and the sexual energy was particularly intense and I had to relieve myself and even that was filled with ecstacy beyond anything I've ever experienced. I felt waking up an urgent communication telling me to stay still a while longer. Last night the sexual energy was at such a heightened state it was a miracle that I didn't do anything about it.

Fell asleep and awakened at 2:30am the entire physical body throbbing. Back in bed impossible to sleep - that energy was raging yet still I didn't give in to the urges. I was told that it's going to take a while longer - whatever this 'it' was 'it' was almost there. I felt expansions in reproductive organs, upward spinal movements everything related to Kundalini, chakras and sexual madness. At 4am I was finally able to relax, closed eyelids. There was a charge in the back of my head in the brain. Eyelids became transparent and I was staring at the moving faces on the ceiling, they were quiet but moving slowly across the ceiling, bearded old men. I let the brain charge build up and then an audio recording started to play in my head and it seemed really important.

A male voice speaking - here are stuff that I recall:

3300 hours - I felt this was the length of this audio or that it was telling me something about earth time
- unknown name was spoken but I have forgotten it, while hearing it I kept insisting that I remember this
- I heard something about Earth and its direction
- got a visual of Earth and taking a tour - being revealed formation phase, I kept thinking if there was some sort of catastrophe that bought Earth to this stage
- a mention of numbers only two I recall is 17 and 18 something significant about these

I think it was so hard to recall because the audio would skip certain words and sentences. This could be because of several things: a) The audio recording is slightly damaged b) My brain cannot yet compute efficiently and so needs training or rewiring c) My vocabulary is limited and so certain words skipped.

The audio finally scrambles and I know I can scan it again but also know that if I do my brain might get fried so I smoothe out of it.

Now I understand what that sexual energy is and how we as human beings have totally misused it. This sexual energy has a purpose - it is like we are biological computers and that sexual energy is our electricity - the fuel that makes us function. I also knew that that audio recording was in a universal language, meaning a chinese speaker will hear it in chinese and english speakers will hear it in english. I think these recordings are in every human beings but I don't yet understand their significance.

The whole day I have been feeling so weak, head thrashing in pain body severely aching.

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