February 12, 2011

Bliss, Entity Movement and Dreams

Yesterday watching TV and a few shows that haven't seen before I have had this amazing ability to just figure out what will occur next - in a whodunnit murder mystery show I instantly figured out whodunnit.

Last night slept late and witnessed intense sexual energy - stuff that may have been going on for past few days but I've been sleeping through them and then awakening after the height of the experience around 2am, bliss up spine and head pulled or something.

Massages, caresses that were like spasms, tremors, rocking back and forth - it was most strongest last night. Did not give in to urges but the bliss in the spine brought tears to my eyes.

Dreamt the beings were bleeding through walls in sketches - interestingly yesterday in phone camera changed style of certain photos to sketched to enhance faces embedded in them. I think they use quite a lot of physical reality stuff as reference to my dreams. In the dream they moved a lot - one point my sisters see them and are stunned.

From yesterday on ceiling I can see several faces - only the head, rocking back and forth as if making love to the ceiling and their movement is in sync with the energy wave around my legs. I still think everything is related to Kundalini but I am experincing it in a new way, though something tells me there's more to it than just Kundalini.

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