February 10, 2011

Crystal Clear Lucid Dream

This is the most crystal clear lucid dream I've ever had - prior to it there were a series of other dreams that I'll relay first because they too were very vivid.

At first it was just visuals as I relaxed deeply - dreams of strangers and unknown situations, they lasted a short time because I kept snapping out but amazed that it was occurring instantly.

Pre-Lucid Dreams
I'm on a chair, in front of me is my nan on an arm chair curled up under a duvet. Suddenly a cat jumps out and runs off. My nan looks shocked and asks me how that cat got there. I laugh finding it so funny. I'm smiling at her when suddenly I hear her making a weeping sound. I go to her and ask if everything is okay. She tells me that she's been feeling a lot of pain like her heart about to give out and all the medication she is taking is making her sick. I tell her she ought to get checked out by doctor. I read her expression, her face is saying Who's gonna take me to the doctors. Nobody loves me, I'm so alone in this world. She then tells me about the problems with her gums and scene changes.

I'm upstairs - hear people screaming, there's a major fight going on downstairs. I storm to the living. There I see my nan trying to hold my mum down who has clearly gone mad, my dad is standing near fireplace shouting at her but looking frightened at the same time. My mum wants to kill him. To the right is my cousin and his dad and other unknown people. I am pissed they're are just sitting there doing nothing - what's wrong with these people. I grab her and pull her upstairs trying to calm her down. I tell her to relax, to get some sleep and we'll talk about this later. She suddenly straightens up 'I don't have time to sleep, I've got things to do' and walks off. I am alarmed by her behaviour.

The Lucid Part
I go back in the living room, uncle, cousin and a stranger present. Then I begin to wonder when my uncle got here as he was living abroad and I wasn't told he'll be visiting. Plus it has been an incredibly strange evening and then it hits me - I'm dreaming. After that realization the dream does not fade at all if anything it is even clearer. I tell all that this is a dream, I go in the centre of the room running on one spot dancing like crazy because I'm so happy with how clear this dream is. I feel spontaneous and show everyone my kung fu moves.

I'm just acting crazy paying no attention to my audience. After my crazy stunts I tell the stranger 'Hey, do you know this is a dream?' He looks at me like I've completely lost my mind. I hit his arm and he flinches. Wow that was so real, so solid feeling. I touch his arms pressing them all the while telling them 'Wow, all this is so solid, so life like.'

Maybe I should do something that would leave these guys stunned. I tell them to watch carefully place both hands as if holding a ball and think of a blue glowing energy ball sparkling with electricity. I concentrate but it is difficult - don't want to waste time impressing the others. I walk out looking at everyone one last time thinking wow, so cool!

I want to go upstairs to see if anyone else is in the house as I see a light turned on, but I've hit a dead end where the dream fades and I hear a voice telling me about this movie called 'Little John'. I think I remember a movie like that and then I'm thrown in a scene of that movie that pretty much sums up the entire plot. Across from where I'm observing there are little people on giant staircase, there are large giant books on the steps. Then a giant woman walks down and sees the little people thinking they are toys. She grabs them and without seeing the rest of the movie I sum up what occurs next. She discovers they are real and living and not toys, she befriends them and they befriend her. In the end they live happily ever after in harmony with each other. I'm saying to the voice 'this is the best movie ever.'

I have more dreams but external sound disrupts my sleep and I wake up. My ceiling spotlight looks to be breathing - expanding slightly and then contracting. I realize the physical reality that I perceive to live here is also a dream and I think I'm starting to get very lucid in this dream.

I think these dreams may have occurred more naturally, smoothly without effort on my part due to the psychic brain surgery I had recently.

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