March 4, 2011

Projection of Consciousness

Had many dreams throughout the night - so long I can't even think of writing down quick notes. So far all I'm doing is jotting down tips that I'm getting in my dreams that are relevant to the material plane of existence, such as using almond oil, getting sunlight, sleeping at 9am and things like that.

I didn't recall the projection immediately had to really think about all the dreams. Recalled I was awoken at 4:30am surprised it wasn't 1:15 or 2am because that had become the norm.

Going back to sleep did not take so long. I had a projection that by appearance was very much like most of the APs I've had in the past. I was out of the body, flowing across the wall, then down the floor and as this was occurring I had a deeper understanding of what was occurring. My consciousness was moving through various points. It is like everything material is a mask, something that can be worn by consciousness, and I was wearing the wall then I was wearing the floor and as I was sinking down as usual I knew there was going to be some darkness for a while - I thought maybe I'm going deep within the Earth.

I recall a moment where I was trying to grasp something, to combine with it. This same thing occured a few days ago in the middle of my sleep.

I know that if I had absolute control of this - meaning I could project by will - it means I can position and house my consciousness by will in anything I perceive, in the Earth and even beyond that. It's more than just remote viewing.

It's like there are many stations, consider the location of the physical body as the starting station and the moon as the destination. Consciousness can move freely through the many material forms meaning as I move my consciousness melds within the wall, then the window, surrounding air as though the path led all the way to the moon. It's not necessary though to have a conscious awareness of passing by these various forms or objects - there is also speed, we could just end up straight away at our destination in a snap. This is just another interesting facet of projecting that I feel inspired to explore.

There's also the astral body - a copy of the physical body without being bounded by physical limits.

There's teleportation and bi-location which operate with the physical body, I think for this to be successful body needs to be very strong and healthy, there needs to be a great amount of energy.

There are of course many abilities that have yet to be consciously untapped. Though I feel inspired to start consciously projecting my main focus now seems to be on self-inquiry.

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