May 1, 2010

Controlling Noise Pollution

This morning after 7am I started to relax - took time because I was already too awake. When I slipped into a deeper, quieter state of mind the roaring of an aircraft began. This time there was mild irritation as immediately I shifted my attention to something else. This something else I recognized as the flow of my blood, there was also the pulse beating. For a few seconds this was effective as it was overriding the sound of the aircraft and the bad reaction I have. Then attention was drawing back to aircraft sounds, tried to return to another sensation but it required more effort than the first try.

Soon I went into a dreamy yet very vivid state. I'm speaking to a man on the phone he is saying something about £200. Suddenly my this awareness (person in physical reality) is alert and I wonder who I'm talking to. I ask who he is but get the reply 'You know who I am'. The man is in my room, a black guy I don't recognise. The dream takes an erotic turn, no longer in control and in the midst of this I wake up.

Now I know that I can control my reaction to the intolerable noise pollution simply by shifting my attention on something more calming I will be practicing this a lot more, well mostly when necessary otherwise I feel there seems to be no need to apply such effort. Perhaps next time I may focus on drawing energy into the third eye chakra or hum a soothing tune.

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