April 30, 2010

Noise pollution

When I tried to go back to sleep, desperately at 6am since sleep seemed impossible I eventually got to a relaxed state. I was hoping not to experience any AP activity just dreamless, stateless pure resting sleep. Then the roaring started and I felt that I was not too far from an aircraft. It was incredibly annoying but at that moment I was so certain that the astral noise people commonly hear during the initiation of an AP is noise pollution that is created in the physical side. Also I feel that during those states our sensitivity is so increased, the senses are also amplified to such a degree we will hear all kinds of junk unless we are able to tune in appropriately.

I have read about some theories on this, some say it's part of the transitioning of consciousness or transferring to a light body. It could be that this noise is the M Band Noise that Robert Monroe refers to as being uncontrolled thought. I suddenly feel like exploring more of the astral but lately I have been plagued with so many issues that 'me' time is very rare now.

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