April 22, 2010

The Headaches

Lately upon waking up my head has felt like it had been crushed, sometimes with sudden movement the pain would localize in specific areas of the head. Once walking down the stairs I got what started out as a head rush and the pain near the temples. Felt as though my brain had erupted on those two sides. The worst of course is waking up in the morning with crushing pain - will be looking for herbal remedies for this. I think this is likely to be Kundalini related, I have read that the headaches are likely due to a build up of excess energy.

Lately a lot of challenges have entered my life, they have caused a lot of stress, I mean a tremendous amount but they have also elucidated certain points that I was not willing to face previously. The incidents took place in just a span of one day - two incidents. It's almost as if I'm being pushed to move on, to break away from the old in order to make way for the new. I realized that with the changes that have taken place I have been very resistant - rather than the actual incidents I think it is the resistance that is causing the stress. Right now I'm feeling like there is more to be expected.

I am almost certain that whatever force is making these changes, destroying life as I know it is the same energy that will replace the old way of life with something more than I have been able to dream up and honestly I'm looking forward to it.

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