April 12, 2010

Crown Mining (Drill)

Woke up at 3:50am, it's easier to wake up at these times when menstruating otherwise lately I've had no interrupted sleep. I was in a really good mood with positive thoughts swimming in my mind and the birds chirping very loud in a rythmic pattern was also helping. By 5am I started to relax and with closed eyes drifted hoping that I might just AP. I was moving around in a dark space, I could see but unable to comprehend what I was looking at. The sounds were loud, roaring and gushing wind.

Suddenly I felt myself back in bed, drill impact at the crown of my head - it was loud and sensational. I felt a squeamish feeling coming on. As usual this sensation was uncomfortable though not painful, this time I thought seriously about what was taking place. I asked if whatever was doing this had good intentions and if not to leave. The drilling carried on, I turned over in a struggle to rest on my front side which took some time knowing at that point that I was still very physical.

Breathing deeply I felt energy drawing up towards my third eye chakra and then I started entering dream states that I can't recall so clearly right now. After a few seconds of dreams that actually felt like they were rather long I would return to the physical body. Upon returning I realized the dreams were distracting me from the physical process. I continued drawing energy to the third eye thinking this distraction will help. Floated up, got a quick look at my room, still dark I swooshed backwards, despite the automated movement there was that concern of 'whether I'm still physical'.

Back in bed, the drilling continued - the time was 6:30 am. Surrendered to the sensation in the hope that sleep would take over.

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