April 24, 2010

Scorpio & Lesson

There is a weird looking large bug flying about, it lands on my eldest sister. She panics and tries to slap it off her dress. As it lands on the ground I realize it's a scorpio. Someone is picking it up and I feel like I am about to faint. Scorpion Totem

I'm in a classroom set outdoors, we are standing on dirt. We are learning about an animal which I can't recall right now. Teacher asks questions.

"Where does this animal live?"

I make wild guesses and shout out "Under the ground". I got it right, I am so excited I love this game.

"What are the reasons for living under the ground?" There are others making several guesses until finally I shout out "Food". I am right once again.

"What is another reason why it lives under the ground?" I thought it through and realized that this creature lives under the ground hiding. I knew this was the answer but thought deeply about it. Why would it hide under the ground? From what or whom was it hiding from? At this stage the teacher was focused on me as though he knew I was on to something. Before I could figure it out I woke up.

This past week I have been waking up at the exact time every morning at 6:27am with heavy feeling in head and in a groggy state whether I sleep early or very late seems to make no difference.

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