April 22, 2010


This is a short dream I had yesterday morning, very vivid.

I am standing in front of a man and for reasons unknown I feel wonderful in his presence, almost certain that his beautiful smile is having an effect on me. He's caucasian, tall and very handsome. Suddenly I am moving a box and he begins to speak "Remember the first time we met you were busy moving a red box, I stood there just gazing and smiling for no reason". As he continued this rambling on about this memory I realized that at the same time we were re-enacting the scene. I faced him and as my eyes met his gaze there was a sense of instant recognition and slowly I began to remember something. The memory wasn't of any particular incident but of strong feelings. "I remember" I started saying. "I remember I loved you, I still love you and I always will".

I can't quite recall what happened after this, there was a sense of embrace but I had woken up with this much recollection.

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