April 26, 2010

Stomach Pumped Dreams

Last night after an incredibly taxing argument between family members I went to bed relieved to just let go of everything. There was some pumping going on in my stomach, like a pair of hands was squeezing my organs - just ignored and went to sleep.

Woke up at 5am from a dream about my brother who is serving several months in prison. The dream was crystal clear and had to do with everything that I have been planning in reality to inform my brother when he calls next time. In the dream I'm on the phone speaking with him but at the same time I am getting images of him, the prison cell etc. He is telling me about his situation and a group of bully, one particular bully who has an entire family targeting him.

I immediately give him information about a man in the same prison as him who can help him out which I've been wanting to do since finding out about this person yesterday. My brother seems very pessimistic as he often is, I encourage him and make him aware of his options. When I woke up I felt really strange, I was so certain that I somehow did have that conversation with him - that somehow it got to him.

After going back to sleep at 6ish am I had a series of very bizarre twisted dreams and one was very lucid.

Wolf Man
I first dreamt about a man, he had a haircut like a werewolf and also his presence was very wolfish. There was something very ferocious about him, he seemed ready to attack at any moment. Suddenly what I can describe as sexual energy began to radiate within, I felt a magnetic pull towards this scary looking fella. My thoughts on this energy is that it is just a fragment of the full potential of energy available to all and when we get just a tiny incomplete amount of it, it is expressed or channeled through a sexual outlet. In its more complete form it is a creative energy, the very essence that gives life and move mountains.

After this I don't recall acting out any of the desires just that wherever I went the Wolf Man would follow me, suddenly popping out of nowhere.

Dream Wakers
I see a different man this time - he's dressed street style just bopping about in the air. I quickly conclude that 'I must be dreaming'. As soon as I'm aware and shouting out to DC dreamscape begins to fade and with some effort I remained lucid for a little longer.

There is a woman named Dana, a great misfortune is about to befall her suddenly in the wake of an ordinary life. I see her as just any normal person, she is going about her normal everyday life. I feel that a part of me is in her, somehow there is a deeper connection here I can't seem to understand. I am looking at her as an image, she is external but also I am within her being as if I am her - difficult to explain.
Suddenly I just wooshed out and I find that I'm turning a page in a book commencing to the next chapter. This is a book about Dana, the following pages are filled with disturbing and saddistic accounts of unbelievable torture - the point of the torture was to bring some kind of experience or knowledge out which reminded me of the movie Martyr that I didn't watch but read the synopsis - a movie I decided not to watch for good reasons. I think to myself what on earth I'm doing with such a horrifying book. I wake up from this dream at 7:45am feeling really out of it.

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