May 4, 2010

Night-Time Exhale

Last night I requested from Spirit Guides, Angels, Healers etc to assist with opening third eye so that I can use related abilities such as LDing, APing etc.

My main purpose was to help me mostly LD. Laying down and thinking deeply about LDing and the past experiences I had. Just simply impressing my mind with LD stuff so that in my dreams I may be more aware and alert.

While I was thinking suddenly there was an involuntary long exhale, and at one point I raised my head up in shock because I felt I was being pulled. So I rested back down and again suddenly long exhale. I started thinking 'What's going on? I just want to sleep so I can LD.' I turned over sleeping on my front side without further incident.

It was only this morning when I reviewed last night's incident I realized that it had to do with my request, or at least this is what I think it was related to. This has happened many times before and I know it's part of the Kundalini process, but the Kundalini is also related to these openings of psychic energy. I guess now I want to speed it up but that would mean I have to be prepared.

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