May 20, 2010

Another Baby Dream

There is something about these baby dreams that I have just realized I have quite often. I've noticed in most of these baby dreams my cousin is present. This cousin was my best friend back aeons ago in school. In physical reality I visited her last month after a really long time, and that was after such a long time.

In this morning dream I am cradling a few months old baby. I'm taking the baby up the stairs and going from room to room I'm telling the baby to wave at the people in the room. This adorable baby is waving at them and pronouncing 'bah-bah'. My cousin is also standing by outside in the middle of nowhere and in the dream we are going somewhere.

I should use this baby theme as my lucid 'ah-ha' moment.

As far as interpretation goes, if I am to think about it seriously I have to say that the baby in the dream represents innocence, the 'bah-bah' wave was highly symbolical of letting go - perhaps of people and circumstances in my life that aren't allowing me to grow. I'm not sure about the cousin, all I can say about her is that she's pretty annoying which is why I think we drifted apart.

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