May 20, 2010

Hemi-Sync TGE Update

So far I'm still on Wave 1 - night times I listen to Sleep Exploration which helps me to fall asleep faster, mornings and afternoons I listen to Advanced Focus 10 - I've got a post describing all the focus states I'll link to later.

During some sessions I successfully achieved the F10 state - heard myself snore a few times which is a sure sign that my body's asleep and mind's awake.

There have also been involuntary movements, so far the most interesting one being where my left feet curled forward, very flexibly - it was cool. I have had one visual screen pop up of multicolored static screen morphing into waves, ripples and droplets very soothing and relaxing.

Tingling around my body has become the norm especially when I'm forming my REBAL which I'm practicing forming even without audio.

There have been times where I just couldn't focus in the same way that made me give up meditation - that seriously hopeless kind of feeling. I'm not sure if I can't meditate due to excessive energy or simply because my waking life is quite messy right now.

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