May 4, 2010

Voice Recording Dreams

I'm starting to utilize my handy voice recorder. From now on all my dreams and any note taking will be voice recorded. Whatever seems significant I will write about here.

Since I'm here I'll write about the dream I had this morning, managed to recall only one.

Dupatta Dance
I am walking with two people but only fully aware of the man standing next to me. He is Amir Khan (bollywood actor). We're hiding or trying to get away from someone. Soon we are outside a massive building site, maybe it was a school or a mansion. Amir points at one of the large windows telling me that someone is moving in there. We know who it is, it's the person we're trying to hide from. This other person is Ajay Devgan (bollywood actor).

Amir gets inside a car while I'm standing next to it, I realize that Ajay will get an easy shot because we are exposed. I am concerned for Amir and then I think about how I'm outside more exposed, he will get me first. Then I remember how the fight is actually between 2 of the men and that somehow I am the object of the this feud. Suddenly Ajay and another older man who is also a bollywood actor is standing next to us. The other man seems to me to be Ajays father. He is speaking as if to all who is present. He says that if his son wins the fight I must wear the dupatta.

Without the fight even starting my older sister suddenly shows up and hands me over the dupatta. I am showing off with this dupatta, I recall saying to my sis 'Watch this' as if I'm about to reveal a fancy trick. Flipping my hair down, I wrap it up meticulously with the dupatta shaping it into a turban. After this I am doing a kind of traditional Indian dance, in a very joyful and lively manner. Suddenly I or my consciousness is no longer focused inside this dream body. I am somewhere on the edge of this dance and looking at the dancing body. It is my friend S, I wonder what she's doing there but am too caught up by the whole dance. There is a girl with some cosmetics in her hand, she asks S if she should pat her face with it. S is too busy dancing and nods no. I say out loud knowing my friend is absorbed in dance 'The last thing she's thinking about is putting makeup on her face'. After this statement I wake up because I am suddenly concerned that I'm speaking in my sleep.

Dupatta Dream Interpretation - Last night I did state to myself to be more aware of my dreams, I think that last part was pretty evident where I shouted out loudly opened my eyes certain that I was saying it physically. Perhaps if I wasn't too concerned that I was speaking in my sleep I could have attained some lucidity. The whole dream was actually trying to make me more aware, it's not everyday I have 2 famous actors fighting over me. My friend is a beautician and does bridal consultancy so it is no wonder why I dreamt of her having an assistant who wanted to apply some foundation on her.

I think there is some significance with the choice of actors, personally I think Amir Khan is attractive and Ajay Devgan not so attractive. My reason however for hiding away from Ajay is because of fear. This is exactly why I don't really like to interpret dreams - they end up being so overly complex and could mean a whole lot of things.

Here are some keywords of what the dream may symbolize:
vulnerability/fear(getting shot), war/feud(the fight), joy, freedom of expression(dance), beauty(cosmetic)

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