May 31, 2010

Sharing UFO dream

Dreamt about talking to Leija about UFO's I'm explaining to her how I've seen UFO's in reality and once in SP and another in a dream (this dream one was an actual spaceship landing on neighbours roof). My excitement about the UFO topic was strange.

In another dream sequence I am staring out of an apartment window, viewing the scene before me. I see lots of bicycles, unusual boarded wheels I've never seen - a cross between bicycles and skateboards. There are kids doing all kinds of stunts - there's more but hazy recall.

I see a girl I used to know, An. She had a really aggressive personality. She gesturing me to come down and play. I don't really feel like it, somehow feel pressured and get out. Once I'm outside there are more people, there seems to be something happening but unfortunately I have lost that recall - I should've made notes early morning but seriously was not bothered.

Dream recollection is deteriorating. I have vivid dreams but as soon as I wake up there is no or very little recall of dream incidents.

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