May 10, 2010

Power Chakra Sensitivity

Today I became aware that my Power Chakra (solar plexus) is starting to react to things that have become quite the norm for me but perhaps time to move away from.

Lately there has been involuntary movement near stomach area - I can't really say which organ is actually pumping as it seems to have a ripple effect. When the pumping does occur I liken it to what El Collie mentioned about how it feels like you're being punched in the stomach. Though there isn't any pain sensation it definitely feels like being punched.

At first I thought might have gallstones' since recently my sis in law has opted for gallbladder removal due to gallstones.

I may try a system cleanse to assist in any removal of any toxins. Right now I have made significant changes in my diet - I won't say that I'm 100% there, but I've taken some rather big steps already.

Anyways back to the main point of this post. So, yesterday whilst cooking in the kitchen - someone was walking in the passageway. As the footsteps got closer to the kitchen my solar plexus did an internal jolting like tremor - being punched without the pain. At the same time I knew that the person about to enter the kitchen was one particular sister with whom I have a 'not so bad but not so good either' kind of relationship. Okay maybe it is a little bad. She is the kind of person who will demean you, make a joke at your expense, moody and easily irritable which is why I avoid her as much as possible.

The whole solar plexus jolting and punching sensation right at the centre of the solar plexus has been happening for over a week now but I don't recall in what circumstances they took place - didn't really think it was power chakra related. Today my dad had a panic attack over his finances - now the thing about my dad is he is always right and everyone else is always wrong so you could probably use your imagination to see what kind of relationship we have.

As he came to me with his problems to sort out my power chakra started being punched, perhaps an indication that I give away too much of my power or perhaps through vampiristic mechanism I have all this time unkowingly allowed others to suck on my life force.

I have already been told two weeks ago by someone that I take up too much responsitilies for others, that I am like a support centre. Also this guy (a psychologist, possibly a mind reader coz he read me like an open book) told me although it may seem that I am supporting others I am actually giving away so much to them which also means I am also taking away from them - that was an interesting discussion.

I have some serious Power Chakra issues. I think at this time I should start a gratitude journal, I've read that this practice nourishes the Power Chakra.

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