May 17, 2010

Electric Shock and Voices

Yesterday morning (while awake C-1) when I reached out to switch on the computer I got a scary electric shock zapping on my index finger right hand - this made me jump back. It was a little painful. I also had a really long SP y'day mornin after listening to wave 1 - advanced F10. This SP is actually the F10 state. My recall of dreams are very short.

Anyways, I hope I don't blow up my expensive equipments - maybe need to do something grounding.

My left hand has been heating up intensely during a few hemi-sync sessions. According to the hemi-sync manual the heat is due to metabolic drop. Perhaps the whole hemisphere synchronization is accelerating the energetic K process. I should also mention that I have been hearing voices, the other day woke up and heard a man saying 'hello?' out loud in the hallway, another time I heard a croaky voice right beside my bed telling me to 'get up' in an alarming way, I was worried coz it sounded really urgent like someone I knew was in trouble.

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