December 18, 2008

Instant Shift

Attempted AP at 9:00am using astral phasing technique. I was already relaxed and did not bother with focusing on my breathing.

I closed my eyes still very awake I was able to hear songs playing in my head. I listened carefully trying to capture the words. It was in Hindi - I think I heard both male and female voices. Another song played and I began singing along in my mind - at the time I felt like I knew the song only now both the lyrics and melody have escaped me.

My head began vibrating as the song continued to play. I followed the vibration in an attempt to stay conscious. An image formed in the middle of my field of vision. It was of a bright lamp on a table with other equipments around it. The image of a cracked window of what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse took form and I felt like I was moving. This place had a sense of darkness so I immediately affirmed that 'I am a vibration of love'. I then requested to be taken to a place of higher vibration to some invisible forces.

There was a fuzzy static noise followed by a change of scene. I found myself in an apartment that looked incredibly new and neat. Couldn't move yet although I was now immersed in this new environment. Heard a few voices whispering - seemed to be coming from somewhere inside the apartment. When the voices became more audible I realised it was in a foreign language, possibly French. The scene dimmed out, everything became dark and then I sensed my body. I was squeezing my eyelids tightly closed so that I could re-enter. I opened them, checked the time at 9:10am, did not really feel like attempting again.

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Swati Nigam said...

Hi! I was looking for something on OBE's and found your journal. I have had OBE's on and off almost all my life and am now trying to learn how to have more control over the process. I have a few programs with the Gateway Experience, Journeys Out of Body, William Buhlman's CD's, Robert Bruce's 90 day book. LOL! Yes, many. But I have to decide which one to do..which I like most for now. I was also very impressed with your 30 day meditation challenge. I think I will do that :-). Good luck with your experiences.