June 25, 2010

The Book

Woke about 5ish am 20 minutes later back in bed zoned out. Suddenly found myself in a different location. Standing looking around I knew I was outside in a gigantic patio with white furniture. Everything seemed white, there's a table that has slat like surface. I put my hands to experiment how real this place is. Surprisingly my hand doesn't go through, but I can't feel the sensation of the touch. I keep touching because as I do this I realize my focus gets stronger. Finally I can feel the solidity of the table which excites me. There is a book that grabs my attention, I pick it up and read the title at the same time trying to memorize this name so that when I do wake up I could check if it is something that is published and a part of this physical reality. I can't remember if there was an author's name written as I was too focused on the title. It was something like:


The exact title I can't recall right now as my memory is somewhat hazy. After that I recall walking about - it was quite a grand space filled with different areas. There was a stairway that went up somewhere, there were many pathways. I started exploring but all the details I cannot recall right now. I woke up so utterly groggy at 7:30am with mild headache something that hasn't happened in quite some time. The temperature is too high here in London.

It is quite hard to categorize this experience - I'm not sure the labels matter entirely as they all seem to be related to a persons state of awareness and mental clarity.

The less you have of either one of these the more the experience is just a dream. The more you have of each the more the experience is like what we term reality. This experience was like being in another location, but quite possibly in this world, possibly another world.

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