June 11, 2010

Brain Orgasm

My head was hurting so much yesterday. My right eye and the bone surrounding this area was very painful and I was in the crankiest of mood, easily irritable. I went to sleep early just a little after 9pm listening to Chrism on mp3 player - I don't recall feeling sleepy at all and can't remember how I fell asleep.

I woke up at 12:27am with my mp3 player switched off. I was confused coz I couldn't recall switching it off - it does not switch off by itself unless the entire album is finished. After midnight meal (hungry for emotional reasons I guess) I listened to some more of Chrisms Kundalini dialogues on mp3 player. I don't know if it's his voice or energy but I get this amazing harmonic and peaceful feeling when I listen to his voice, it's like all is well.

Went back to bed after 1am listening to the rest of Chrisms dialogues. Suddenly felt near the right eye where I was feeling pain something smoothing out travelling to the center of my brain. Wave like but distinctive from that, and with that was this near intolerable orgasmic feeling in my brain. I of course liked the sensation and wanted to let it play out. Took my earphones out and did just that but it soon faded - the pain and tension that I was feeling prior to it also faded. I do recall having this brain orgasm once before, this one just felt like a step up.

I think many kundalites who have experienced this describe it as 'blissful sensation in crown area'. The sensation was indeed blissful but at the same time I thought it was taking me up and out of my mind in some ways.

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