June 8, 2008

So Much For Getting Back In The Flow !

My previously mentioned project has taken most of my time these past weeks. I have not had any astral projections last month nor the chance to meditate and listen to hemi-sync. The only experience I did have was the other day when I found myself in that body asleep/ mind awake state (focus 10) where I heard Justin Timberlake singing a song I've never heard before. I'm not a huge fan of Mr Timberlake but this song was amazing and nothing like any of his other songs. In fact it was nothing like anything I've ever heard before. As I was listening to the words I registered it to my memory so that when I awake I can write it down - upon waking up the words had completely escaped me.

I think it's in these states that Artists, Musicians and pretty much everyone get their inspirations from, more on this later.

I feel inclined not to mention that I will be meditating and starting up on hemi-sync again, because each time I do I seem to have no time. So, no more planning. I will report back only when I have any relevant experiences and at the end of each week report back all the methods I have used.

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