May 22, 2008

Hemi-Sync: Getting Back In The Flow With Advanced Focus 10

Last night before falling asleep I listened to Advanced Focus 10. As I began getting comfortable and within 5 minutes of the audio I realized I was completely ignoring the instructions given by Monroe. This was because my mind was elsewhere thinking about random things. I had to start from the beginning 3 times. On the third attempt I managed to follow the instructions.

After getting comfortable I imagined my energy conversion box and inside this box I placed all my worrisome thoughts.

I then did the resonant tuning (a breathing exercise). I noticed as I was breathing that my eyelids and my forehead were very tense so I relaxed them. This helped feeling the energy in my head as I continued with the breathing exercise. I could feel the energy stored in my head increasing. More energy than usual, felt like something heavy crushing against my skull. Managed to stay conscious enough for the next part, creating my resonant energy balloon with the energy stored in my head. Felt tingling sensations around my feet as I was creating the resonant energy balloon.

By the time Monroe counted up to 10 I was feeling really spacey and light.

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