May 18, 2008

I'm Back But Not Yet That Bad...

So in the span of 2 weeks I think I almost cracked like a nut. The project I was working on was renovating a property that is currently getting there. What made the project worse than it should have been was that I had a deadline and a budget small enough for me to do most of the work.

I have never been so stressed in my entire life - not sure if this should be attributed to the fact that I haven't been meditating. So much for being mindful. I guess in retrospect my experience these past weeks have not been so bad - some things did go well.

I've decided to hire the professionals to finish off all the major works so I can just relax - for now. As for astral projections - I have not had any experiences as expected. I did however fall ill for a few days and the interesting thing about that is it happened at the time when I was most angriest.

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