June 22, 2008

Meditation and Floating

In my recent meditations (mostly meditating on the third eye chakra) I have been feeling energy building up at the top of my head - feels like it's pressing hard downwards. Felt this same sensation listening to hemi-sync before. Could be my crown chakra activating.

In one meditation session I stated my intention 'I, Jasmine, draw to me through divine love those beings who seek enlightenment through my process, the sharing will elevate us both now'. Once I reached a light trance state my index finger on my right hand moved involuntarily and was moving in a stroking motion as if drawing a line over and over again. My other fingers also began to move around involuntarily. I did not focus on it for too long and went back to being aware of my breath which was now light. I ended the meditation thinking quite some time had passed by, checked the time, I'd been meditating for less than 10 minutes.

I have been feeling floating sensations lately during meditation. I think I'm on my way to having astral projections directly from meditation.

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