June 23, 2008

Re-entering Dreams

This morning I woke up interrupted by some external noise. The dream I had kept replaying in my mind. In this dream I'm having issues with a housing situation - I was basically on the verge of being made homeless. The challenge I was facing was so undeniably real that even after waking up I was formulating possible solutions, still knowing it was all just a dream. I still felt groggy and decided I want to re-enter the same dream. I did exactly that and found a solution - it was like the 'me' character in the dream went from being worried and stressed to suddenly having personal power and self-assurance. I was not fully conscious that I was dreaming, it was like any ordinary dream.

I'm not very good at deciphering dreams but this one does not reflect anything in 'real life', maybe symbolically it means something. I've always wanted to re-enter dreams but never really succeeded until this morning. I guess what triggered this incident was desire and powerful intent.

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