June 9, 2008

I Dream of Projecting

Woke up around 7:00 am and after 30 minutes of listening to some relaxing music I fell asleep. I was dreaming of viewing a property to buy and suddenly became somewhat aware that I was in a dream. The walls were a bright peach colour. I touched the walls which felt very solid. Soon I was in front of some patio doors that looked a bit rusty. I was becoming even more aware and alert enough to practice some out of the ordinary skills. I imagined a red strip to appear on the window and it did. I continued experimenting different colours all of which appeared successfully. I focused outside of the window and my vision zoomed in and out for a while. I decided to walk through the door and unfortunately that's where I lost consciousness for some time.

Eventually found myself in bed paralysed and tried to get out of my body. Struggled to get out so I decided to just snap out of the sleep paralysis and move my physical body. I don't wake up instead I continue to dream unconsciously, but they are dreams that I can recall. Upon waking up I realized that the very near astral projection was me dreaming about nearly astral projecting.

I'm still not sure about Lucid Dreams and I don't have much experience with them. Some people believe that Astral Projections or OBEs are advanced Lucid Dreams and others believe that the two are very different. What about ordinary dreams where we have no conscious awareness? They are just like astral projections only we're not as conscious in them. I think they're all pretty much the same thing with different labels and hopefully with more experience I can expand on my understanding.

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