June 28, 2008

Hemi-Sync: A Channeling Experience

The experience I had this morning was just absolutely amazing. This week I listened to Hemi-Sync 'Advanced Focus 10' twice. In today's session halfway through my hand began doing that involuntary thing it does. This time however my index and middle finger were joining my thumb forming a circle. The tips of my fingers were pressing down on my upper abdomen (the same location as the solar plexus chakra). I remember thinking 'Whoa' for a brief moment and continued with the process without giving it a second thought. I 'clicked out' from the moment Monroe counted up to 10 to the moment he counted back down to 1 where I returned to normal consciousness.

I wanted to astral project so I kept repeating 'I will astral project' until I fell asleep. I had an infinite number of dreams. I'm just gonna relay the dreams that seem relevant and sort of leads to the experience of channeling.

Dream #1
I'm in an elevator, a black person wearing a hood rushes in before the doors close. I have the urge to look at this person closely, so I turn my head to the left side and this person is gazing straight into my eyes. I can't tell whether this person is male or female though I can see her/him clearly. This person has a completely blank expression yet something mystifying and mesmerising. There is something familiar about this person and suddenly something clicks. I say 'Spirit Guide' in the form of acknowledgement and he/she smiles back. Is this really my spirit guide? Maybe.

Dream #2
I'm sitting with a woman who seems to be a very good friend of mine. Suddenly a little girl appears before me. She tells me about her older sister who died at the age of 10 or 11 and that at the time she was still a baby. She remembers her sister very well. I ask her how old she is now and she responds that she is 3 years old. She doesn't seem sad. I realize that for her age she is far too understanding. I begin to feel sympathy for her even though she's not sad. I look at my friend and tell her that I'm ready. We go upstairs into a room where there is a chair. I sit on this comfy looking chair and begin to relax as she sits across from me and sets a tape recorder.

The Channeling Experience
I've entered a deep trance state and I hear a soft gentle female voice beginning to speak. Soon the voice becomes faint and I find myself on a completely different plane of existence. At this point I'm fully conscious of my personality (the person I am in this reality). I begin to explore. There are large pillars which I could only describe as futuristic. I stare at these pillars for a while in awe of it's beauty. In this place there are no grounds, no walls, no kind of boundaries. I begin to phase in and out of this plane into the place where the channeling was occurring. I heard the words that were being spoken in the channeling session and that soft gentle voice mentioned something about 'reacting to reasons rather than seasons'. At the time there was so much information being processed and I felt the power and wisdom in them but now don't have much recall of.

Somehow I managed to get through to the Entity that was being channeled and I asked a question of my own. 'What is the purpose of Allah and all these other so called Gods and Religions?' The reply came after a long pause. Apparently the purpose of Religion is Guidance. I do feel for some unknown reason that this answer came more from me than the actual Entity. I phased back into the Pillar Plane. There were more colours and lights. Suddenly I became worried about my bodies. First I was worried about the body that was channeling for my friend. Then I had the fear that I might not be able to ever get back into my actual physical body. I realized my fear was unnecessary and pumped myself with some positive thoughts. I asked for assistance and found myself going through a layer of some kind of transparent energy. As I went through it my beingness was fizzing in a sense. It actually felt quite nice and electrifying.

When I woke up I completely forgot the experience until a few seconds later the memory of it became more intense than the actual experience.

So was this really channeling? I'm not absolutely certain but when I think about it the whole incident felt incredibly real. Maybe I connected with another personality in another dimension and through that personality I was able to experience what channeling feels like. Maybe I'm always doing this kind of thing but only now becoming aware of it. For the moment there's quite a lot of maybes.

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