September 28, 2010

Star Drop UFO

I woke up at 6:30am vividly recalling a UFO experience. The thing is I can't recall what time it occured coz I went to bed at 11:30pm woke up again at 2:45am and fell asleep once again at 3:10am but I can't seem to pinpoint the time.

I was in bed just waiting for sleep to kick in. I look out the window and something feels very different. The stars look unusually bright and there is a particular star that I always see in a particular spot. Something dropped from this star and the star dimmed, there was a cylinder case - this is what I thought of it, a case and not a spacecraft but regardless it gently landed on my neighbours roof. I did not panic. I remained absolutely still excited but knew not to get up lest this visitor flee from my curious nature.

I breathed in deeply, stunned and in awe I really had no idea what to expect. A part of the cylinder opened like a door and a bright light swooshed in my room through the window at lightning speed.

It was like a small light that had no particular size or shape, in fact it was constantly morphing. There is a warm radiation emitting from this spectalur light, its glow felt like it was wrapping its arms around me. I've never felt so happy in my life. I felt the light was a guardian, perhaps an angelic force as it had that warm angelic feel to it. At some point the light tried to get inside my left eye.

Unfortunately the light also had a sedative effect, my eyelids kept shutting by themselves. My body just wanted to shut down but I kept prying open my eyes to get a good look at the light, to observe and try to comprehend what was taking place. Eventually I passed out.

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