September 7, 2010

The Invisible Book

I fell asleep around 5am (was awake since 1am). Before falling asleep I was wondering whether I'd be able to AP but then I didn't really care much for it which explains the absence of these experiences.

In a dream I'm looking all over the house for my journal and realize I left it on the bed - I hold this book, it is so solid in my hands and now I'm really awake in this dream scene. I turn the book over in my hands but it becomes translucent - I can feel it in my hands but it is almost completely invisible, there's just a slight glimmer of the edging. I want to read through it, at least the title but nothing is there.

In this state I could feel a signal from my physical body and know that I need to empty my bladder - can feel a slight pain from fluids held back. I try to get up physically but feel like I'm in a struggling state of SP, for a few minutes I'm forcing to regain physical movement but can sense that there is something else keeping me locked in that state and I'm fighting it for the sake of emptying bladder. After much struggle I regain control and head straight for the toilet in a groggy state.

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