September 6, 2010

Sole and Blackstrap Molasses

My main goal when it comes to nutrition is to eat only foods that increases one's health and vitality - so far it has been quite a mission. I am eating mostly vegan foods and on occasions vegetarian meals where I allow some dairy products. While I don't like to be strict when it comes to food I have had some unpleasant side effects from eating dairy after some period of exclusion which is motivating me to get off it completely.

A lot of people have noticed how neurotic I've become about ommitting certain foods that are actually toxic. I tend to ramble on about it. I could sense from them that they find it annoying but I can't help myself because these same people are also breaking out with some very unpleasant conditions which is motivating me even more to change my eating habits.

I have already excluded quite a bit out of my diet, but now focusing mainly on including foods constantly seeking out ways to increase nutrition.

I am now taking sole daily in the mornings and at night I have 1tbsp of BS molasses with a warm glass of water. These two are like my daily supplement. Right after consumption of these two my fingers fizz with energy, I can feel the same fizzing energy circulating in my legs. One of the major change I've noticed lately is an increase in energy throughout the day although I have now reverted back to my usual sleep pattern (7 to 8 hours sleep).

I have done so much research on healthy foods that I feel like I know too much to just carry on eating the way I have been doing so for a long time - it is making me more aware of my addictions.

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