September 7, 2010

Chakra Work Reflections

I have wondered why it seems I have lost the ability to AP, at least the one's that use to happen without much effort never occur. I never get my previous astral exit signs (spinning, vibration, high pitch sound etc).

I thought maybe my desire to AP has diminished which could explain why I rarely have these experiences.

In terms of chakra and in relation to the Kundalini awakening what is occuring now is lower chakra work - one sign of this is my recent obsession with health and things very much earthly.
As a result of this all my energy is being channeled in these areas and the other areas such as AP etc which are related to upper chakras are working in a very different way now. I think the upper area is working deeply on expanding intuition which since this year has been going through a lot of fine tuning.

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