September 8, 2010

The Great Fall and The Great Depression

The Great Fall - Vivid Dream
I am on the balcony of a building - I try to get out looking for the staircase or even an elevator but neither are to be found. Then I look down from the balcony and feel nauesous being too high up. I see there is a really long ladder going down and ponder for a while how dangerous it is but I have no other option (aside from jumping). I get ready but the ladder starts to collapse, relieved that I didn't get down on it. I walk to the left noticing a kind of platform hung near one side of the building and feel I've found my way out. Once on this platform I think it's going down on auto until I notice that there is actually nothing attached to the platform and that it is falling down ready to impact on the ground along with me. I try to grab on the side, not really panicking but realizing that there's nothing else that can be done other than to surrender to my impending departure. I spread my arms out and let go with the platform no longer beneath me I am free falling.

The Great Depression - False Awakening
I am slowly waking up in bed still groggy, I see my sister is sitting on the chair - she is telling me something about depression. I begin to speak still very sleepy I tell her about what I have been feeling like since y'day afternoon. From y'day I have been feeling so utterly depressed and nothing physically really triggered it. It is a seriously overwhelming sadness for which I can't find a reason. I remember her asking me why I feel depressed but just fell asleep. Now, in PR I would never really open up about my feeling depressed so I don't know if it was an FA or actual. As for the depression, it is still present but not so overwhelming.

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