October 1, 2010

Ausome Water Review

The ausome water arrived today. I got excited when unpacking, I guess because I've been waiting for this for 2 weeks. In 16oz filtered water I used 5 drops of ausome water and sipped a glass of it - did not feel anything. Maybe I need to drink it slowly. Added two more drops. There were tiny tingles here and there but that is something that I've gotten used to so I'm not sure if it was the ausome.

After about 30 minutes I noticed my surrounding was inflating just a slight bit. Then nothing really - I think it might be that I was either expecting too much from it or simply did not know what to expect.

I do think maybe the reason why I did not notice any particular change was simply because I had a big feast for lunch or it could be that it is working on some deeper level. Perhaps this will work better on an empty stomach. Also I used only 5 drops in the 16oz water as written on the bottle whereas on the site the recommendation for beginners is 10 drops.

There is something I should mention, since drinking this water I've been peeing a lot - I have read about another user having had this same effect. Now I generally need to make many trips to the bathroom since I drink a lot of water but this time it was so much more within short gaps of time. Also the colour of my urine was very clear each time which is not common for me until later in the evening.

I did pray before consuming the water for effective healing - I realize now after trying this why I felt the impulsion to get it in the first place and the main factor is healing - the healing of the physical, psychic, emotional, spiritual, mental and subtle bodies.

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